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University Mental Health Day 2024

students in a dim lecture hall
University mental health

University, so often portrayed as a seminal time in people's lives, a time of intellectual growth, finding oneself as a person, opportunity, and a bustling social calendar. Whilst for many it is all this and more, for many it is also a time in which mental health challenges can rise to the forefront, casting a cloud over the journey.

These challenges are often pre-existing, perhaps managed differently within the structures of home, their presence becoming clearer in an age of independence, increasing academic demand, financial pressures, identity formation, and extracurricular activities. This can lead to an overwhelming sense of pressure and anxiety, but thankfully, the issue of mental health amongst students is being increasingly recognised leading to greater awareness, support, and proactive measures installed by universities to nurture students throughout their academic career. Studies indicate that 1 in 4 students experience a mental health issue, and 30% state that their mental health has worsened since starting university (

Addressing students mental health needs usually takes on a multifaceted approach of both prevention and intervention. Finding ways to bolster well-being, become involved in supportive communities, and integrating mental health awareness into curriculums helps empower students to support themselves and others. Accessing mental health services can help provide resources to tackle pre-existing challenges, as well as strategies to manage the demands of university life moving forward. Supporting the well-being and success of students in a holistic manner empowers us all to thrive academically, emotionally, personally and socially.

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